No Time for Colorism!

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Lil Kim’s IG pic has been a lesson in light skinned privilege.
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I’ve always acknowledge it but never thought it was worth a hill of beans because most of the stats seem like it only works for criminals. (Lighter skinned felons get lighter sentences) 
I met guys who were color struck and they got IMMEDIATELY rejected. Coming at me acting like my skin color is a compliment is the highest level of bamma to me.
Here’s where the lightbulb moment came in….
Colorism is an annoyance to me on a personal level. Back when I was on the dating scene, it was something I could just reject and keep it pushing. I can look at a dude like he’s ignorant not worth my time. Kim made me look at the other side of it. Color struck dudes hurt women in a very real way. I know what it’s like to internalize rejection and have it hurt your self esteem but this is something completely different. I can’t even fully wrap my mind around it. I look at Christopher Wallace, who was very unattractive, and how his choices made Kim do that to her face. The saddest part is it started with her own father. I don’t understand it fully but I do know it’s much bigger than her. 
We have had counterproductive conversations about colorism that turn into drag light skinned women fests versus turning the mirror on those who perpetuate it more than anyone….DUDES! Saying things like “you’re cute for a dark skinned girl” or “I don’t normally date Black women” (when you’re Black) does so much harm. It doesn’t always manifest in extreme plastic surgery but it does cement global anti-Blackness. It’s time to have a new discussion about colorism and call to the carpet the ones who use their words as daggers. We should make them dig deep and realize why they accept Eurocentric beauty standards over what looks more like them. Now, I’m not pretending like there aren’t women who are this BS and I promise to do another blog about that. Let’s not clown or shame Kimberly Jones about her apparent body dysmorphic disorder and attack the root. 
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Dress Code Woes

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When I was a teenager, my high school had a strict dress code. Ironically enough, one of the requirements was knee length skirts. Most of the time, we wore them with joggers outside in the winter. I just find it funny that they didn’t seem to offer the levels of protection Ms. Badu seems to think they do. Grown ass men still were on BS, especially with a shelter right next door.

I guess it’s easier to police fabric and thread than the heavy lifting of policing adults in being mindful of their words and actions around kids. Yes, fully developed teenage girls are still kids and that’s a good place to start. Awhile back I posted a meme about when is the first time you remember men looking at you sexually and it averaged between 9-11 years old. So I’m not understanding why the onus isn’t completely on grown ass men AND women. Yes, women because I know too many guys who had their first sexual experiences by way of rape. While most see it as getting lucky but there’s something very wrong with engaging in a sex act with a boy if you’re an adult. Horny doesn’t equal consent when children are involved. That’s another rant for another day.

The best way to protect girls isn’t in skirt and sleeve lengths. It’s making open and outward lusting towards girls unacceptable. Honestly, I can totally understand why Erykah’s Twitter rant happened. She spent the day at a high school full of kids who had no idea who she was as she sang a song older than all of them. That may have created the saltication of her ego some. Plus, she said R. Kelly was her brother and done more for Black people than anyone. When you can take your consciousness on and off like an afro wig….

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