Build-a-Boo Workshop

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From time to time, a woman might express her loneliness or impatience in finding a mate on social networks. I get that. Some times your Facebook page or Twitter account are your outlet to say what’s on your mind at that moment. What irritates me to not end is the “God is going to make a man just for you” reply that almost always comes after. This is not Build-a-Bear Workshop, that’s number 1. Relationships are work and there’s no person tailor made for you. You have to compromise, sacrifice and bend some. There will be miscommunications, disagreements and even disappointments. There has to be something in that person that you know, it’s all worth it. Every bit of work you put it should be rewarding. The ups gotta outweigh the downs. Your relationship has to be an investment of time and energy with a great return.

While it’s hard to believe people are still believing in fairy tales in their adulthood, it’s pretty obvious. The divorce rate is sky high for a reason. I think people go into it expecting to live happily ever after, not realizing the work it takes. Maybe it’s expecting a person to be this custom model mate who is supposed to fall in line with your inner most desires. Even if the person has the personality traits and aesthetics you prefer, there’s still effort involved.

Don’t let people police your feelings. You can still be a confident and happy person who gets lonesome. Mostly, don’t go expecting this Nike ID ass mate because somebody spent you for FB likes and retweets.


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